Cymatics Study 02

Multimedia Installation


This project is a continuation of the previous version of Cymatics Study. In this occasion, we were invited to participate in an exhibition called Sonaural in Rotterdam. The idea is still the same with the last one, but we wanted to expand the installation in terms of scale and performance aspect.      

Together with my friend Silvana Hurtado, we designed a set of circular panels and hanged them on the ceiling as the projection canvas. The output is in a form of audio-visual performance, combining physical and digital materials using improvisational approach. In terms of sonic, I used quadrophonic setup in which the sound is coming from four different directions.

Film by Robin Minas.





Presented and performed at SONAURAL 2nd Edition, UBIK Gallery - WORM, Rotterdam, Holland.

Designed by Tomy Herseta

© 2019