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Cymatics Study 01

Multimedia Installation


An installation consists of water, sound and video projection inside a cathedral building in the heart of Utrecht. Exploring the visibility of sound waves and investigating how the digital property could affect the physical material or vice versa. The idea comes from a subset of modal vibrational phenomena or known as cymatics as coined by Hans Jenny (1904 - 1972), a condition in which certain frequency could form a particular pattern on particles or liquid material that generated by sound vibration.

A collaborative work with my friend Silvana Hurtado. We made an installation consists of audio live setup, a water tank, and digital projection. The input mainly comes from the synthesizer from audio setup and then transmitted through a pair of transducers that attached to the bottom of the acrylic tank filled with water. We put a beamer underneath the water tank so that the projection is facing upwards onto the ceiling. When the sound is generated and amplified by the transducers, it produces vibrations that affect the tank and forms ripples and patterns on the water surface. The textures that have created then alter the projection from the beamer. The result is not merely generate a visual that reactive to the sound but also expand the digital projection from its resolution limits.

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Exhibited at Bring Your Own Beamer as part of the Nederlands Film Festival 2019 at Nicolaikerk in Utrecht, Holland.

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