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Born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, he is known as an interdisciplinary designer and electronic musician who produces work that explores the realms of the internet through multimedia installation which mostly involves audience participation, ranging from sound design to virtual reality experiences. His work raises questions of the relation between human, media and society within mediated information and communication as well as how digital and physical environments are interconnected. 
Between 2011 and 2016 he studied interior design at Institut Teknologi Bandung, while he developed his artistic practice and his interest in music and technology. In 2018, he moved to the Netherlands to study scenography at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. He has been participating in several exhibitions and festivals such as Digital Design Weekend, Bandung International Digital Arts Festival, Bandung New Emergence, London Design Biennale, Archipelago Festival, Indonesia Netaudio Festival, CTM Festival Berlin, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Prague Quadrennial.
His musical work is generally a mixture between ambient soundscape and cinematic atmosphere. It utilizes the electronic sounds such as sine wave and glitches, layered with droning textures and repetitive patterns within evolving composition. The focus of his music is not about the technicality of the production, but rather on how to evoke an emotion and emerge the sense of certain spaces or circumstances. It attempts to generate an imagery through auditory perception.
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2011 - 2016  -  Bachelor of Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

2018 - 2020  -  Master of Arts, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands


2015  -  Bravacasa Design Challenge, Finalist

2016  -  Indonesia Furniture Challenge, Winner

2017  -  Indonesia Fashion & Craft Awards, Honorable Mention

2017  -  Indonesia Good Design Awards, Finalist

2018  -  Holland Scholarship Talent Grant, Recipient


2016  -  Pecha Kucha Night Jogja #14, Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta

2018  -  Disket Sharing #2, Studio 181, Bandung

2019  -  Musicmakers HackLab "Adaptation", Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

2019  -  Prague Quadrennial "Sound Kitchen", Industrial Palace, Prague


2015  -  Polylogue: An Interpractice Exhibition, Galeri Yuliansyah Akbar, Bandung, ID

2016  -  Modern Artefact Club: Benda-Benda Di Atas Meja, Galeri Yuliansyah Akbar, Bandung,ID

2016  -  Bandung International Digital Arts Festival #3, Bandung Convention Centre, Bandung, ID

2016  -  Bandung New Emergence Vol.6:LISTEN!, Selasar Sunaryo Artspace, Bandung, ID

2016  -  Freedome Pavilion Indonesia, London Design Biennale, Somerset House, London, UK

2017  -  CASA Indonesia Designer Corner, Ritz-Carlton Ballroom, Jakarta, ID

2017  -  Pameran Getok Tular #2: Spacing Out (Lamunanku…), Omuniuum Space, Bandung, ID

2017  -  Digital Design Weekend, Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung, ID

2018  -  Ruang Luang, Bandung Creative Hub, Bandung, ID

2018  -  International Furniture Fair Singapore, Singapore Expo, SG

2018  -  Soemardja Sound Art Project, Galeri Soemardja, Bandung, ID

2018  -  PINTAS: Pameran Seni Media, Thee Huis Gallery, Bandung, ID

2019  -  Fabrikation, De Gelderlandfabriek, Culemborg, NL

2019  -  Bring Your Own Beamer - Nederland Film Festival, Nicolaikerk, Utrecht, NL

2019  -  Bring Your Own Beamer - Mutation Festival, Nieuwland, Gent, BE

2020  -  SONAURAL #2, UBIK Gallery, Rotterdam, NL


2014  -  Pemuda Setempat Exhibition, Galeri Platform, Bandung

2014  -  Pasar Seni ITB 2014, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung

2015  -  Ruang Gelap : Audio Visual Showcase, Studio Intermedia FSRD ITB, Bandung

2015  -  Napolleon/Swell Java-Java Tour, Widya Mitra Building, Semarang

2015  -  More Brutality Less Harmony, Mondo Cafe, Jakarta

2016  -  Jogja Noise Bombing Festival, Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Yogyakarta

2016  -  KVMSY Mini South East Asia Tour, Findars Artspace, Kuala Lumpur

2016  -  KVMSY Mini South East Asia Tour, Rainhouse Studio, Ipoh

2016  -  KVMSY Mini South East Asia Tour, Substation Theatre, Singapore

2016  -  Pekan Komponis Indonesia : Musik Eksperimental Elektronik, Teater Kecil Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta

2016  -  SALON Vol.4 : Encountering the Everyday, Selasar Sunaryo Artspace, Bandung

2017  -  Archipelago Festival, Soehanna Hall - Energy Building SCBD, Jakarta

2017  -  NOICE Festival, Kuningan City, Jakarta

2017  -  Tomy Herseta Attempt Tour, Centrum voor Labiele Media, Dordrecht

2017  -  Tomy Herseta Attempt Tour, Agente Costura Studio, Berlin

2017  -  Tomy Herseta Attempt Tour, Noiseberg, Berlin

2017  -  Tomy Herseta Attempt Tour, XB Liebig, Berlin

2017  -  Bandung International Digital Arts Festival #4, Spasial, Bandung

2018  -  SALON Vol.7 : Pan-A-Sonic, New Mutants Midori Building, Jakarta

2018  -  DCDC Substereo, OZ Radio, Bandung

2018  -  Gaung : Opus Contra Naturam Tour, Analog Factory Scape, Singapore

2018  -  Gaung : Opus Contra Naturam Tour, Embrace Hall, Johor Bahru

2018  -  Gaung : Opus Contra Naturam Tour, Rumah Api, Kuala Lumpur

2018  -  Gaung : Opus Contra Naturam Tour, Gimme Shelter, Bali

2018  -  Paradox Festival 2018, Lawangwangi Creative Artspace, Bandung

2018  -  ArtJog Showcase, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta

2018  -  Supersonik, Institut Francaise Indonesie, Jakarta

2018  -  SUBTRACTIVE, Spasial, Bandung

2018  -  Reka Rupa Rasa Festival, DiaLoGue Artspace, Jakarta

2018  -  Indonesia Netaudio Festival #3, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta

2018  -  Common Ground, KOMA Elektronik, Berlin

2018  -  Stranded FM Unconventional Radio, Utrecht

2018  -  Mantis Festival Indoor, Muntgebouw, Utrecht

2018  -  Alur Bunyi Concert, Goethehaus, Jakarta

2018  -  Creative Coding End Year Jam, Sensor Lab, Utrecht

2019  -  Soy & Synth #07, Motif Wein, Berlin

2019  -  Uitmarkt x Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Museumplein, Amsterdam

2019  -  BUI Collective Improvisation Night, Moira, Utrecht

2019  -  Zeecontainer - Overhet IJ Festival, NDSM Werf, Amsterdam

2019  -  HKU Feesten - Overkill/Overload, EKKO, Utrecht

2019  -  Waar Het Schip Strand, Stranded FM, Utrecht

2020  -  SET Experimental Arts Event, Twitch, Tehran

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