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Waktu Batu: Rumah yang Terbakar

Intermedia Performance / Theater


As part of Garasi Performance Institute

Waktu Batu. Rumah yang Terbakar (WB.RyT) is an intermedial performance that shatters perceptions of what theatre can be. An interplay between stage, cinematography and video game, audiences bear witness to the interplay of mythology, colonial history, capitalism and patriarchy in forming our ecological grief.

With a narrative based on Javanese mythology and history, WB.RyT invites audiences to delve into the intricate transitional situations of Indonesia’s contemporary society, rife with layers, cultural ruptures and environmental devastation. 

Directed by prominent director Yudi Ahmad Tajudin in collaboration with writer and dramaturg Urogran Prasad, this latest version of Teater Garasi’s Waktu Batu involves collaboration with interdisciplinary artists such as Mella Jaarsma, DJ Y-Dra, pop-rock band Majelis Lidah Berduri, visual designers Deden Bulqini, Tomy Herseta and Tri Rimbawan, as well as nine intergenerational performers. 

The house is on fire, so be prepared to plunge into its introspective flames.

More info on credits: [LINK].


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Scenography for a performance developed by Garasi Performance Institute presented at ARTJOG 2023, Djakarta International Theater Platform 2023, and George Town Festival 2023 at Jogja National Museum, Graha Bhakti Budaya TIM, and One Theatre Hall in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia and Penang, Malaysia.


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