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Tomy Herseta - Test Tone for Various (Fa




Test Tone for Various (Familiar) Instruments



Pameran Getok Tular is an exhibition of ideas and notions. The artwork is not have to be done, mostly in a form of sketches. And the theme is about the boredom of many “immaterial” workers such as designer, journalist, copywriter, etc. They often have to deal with more challenging and flexible working hours, so that they have find their own leisure time for their passion or hobby.  


I tried to visualize my notion about doing thing that is in the grey area between working and playing. Then I found a software called Sonic Pi which could create a music with codes. I use the familiar instruments that we usually play and the song that probably very familiar with any Indonesian youth generation. Finally, I create a particular hook from each songs with some simple codes in Sonic Pi. The sounds can be heard with scanning the QR code on the bottom corner which linked to YouTube video.    

test tone.jpg





Exhibited at Pameran Getok Tular: Spacing Out (Lamunanku...), Omnispace Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia.

getok tular.jpg
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