Multimedia Performance


Rainmaker is a performance that leads the people through the drought to an enchantment of the primitive and the tangibility of ritual coming together.

The speed of the present banishes the subtlety of the comprehensive to another space. Rainmaker creates an experience that makes the public part of a journey towards unification. Within the depth of desperation about drought, the performance uses the human body to lure the rain back. She binds telling the transformative power of movement and the importance of recognizing herself as part of a larger whole.


Directed by Victor Eme


Choreography : Cecilia Berghall & Nick Herman

Dramaturgy : Daan Brem

Installation : Thijs Veerman

Music, sound & lighting : Tomy Herseta

Costume & Make Up : Alexandra Papasileka

Performers : Loes Hendrik, Silvana Hurtado










Presented at Overhet IJ Festival 2019 in NDSM Werf, Amsterdam, Holland.

Designed by Tomy Herseta

© 2019