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Perplexing Perception

Interactive Installation


Perplexing Perception is an interactive installation consists of two installations in two different spaces; one space is for the input and the other space is for the output. An interpretation of how the information is circulated within the internet where the output is mostly distorted and biased from the actual source.

Conceived as a set of electronic devices in one room in which spectator could produce information using voice as an audio input before it then transmitted and received by other spectator in another room through multiple speakers. In between the transmission, the information is being processed algorithmically using Sonic Pi, an open-source software widely used for live-coding music performance.

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Perplexing Perception 3.jpg
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Photo by Artdiles.





Exhibited at Soemardja Sound Art Project, Soemardja Gallery - Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

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