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ICAD_Tomy Herseta_Liminal Pathway_Artwork Sketch 01.png




Liminal Pathway

Multimedia Installation


In collaboration with Convert Textured

The notion of the “Third Space” has been widely explored through different perspectives, from theatre to architecture. I personally intrigued by the concept of the Third Space as the “Space In Between”. During my thesis research in scenography, I tried to investigate the negative effects that emerge from the use of social media and its algorithms, from information bias, media echo chamber to filter bubble which imperceptibly shaped how we see, think and act both within social media and beyond. By examining the media and technological issue using scenographic approach, it aims to find the intersection between performance, media and technology. How the spectators are positioned within the context of theatre, how the spatial experience takes place both in the digital or physical environment, and how the space in between can be explored through empathy and silence.

In this installation, I’m trying to explore the space in between through a mundane activity when we walk downstairs or upstairs. Utilizing the spaces within the trajectory from one point to another by slipping a narrative through sound, lights and objects. Through a subtle experience, it aims to challenge the audience perception which perceived by their senses. In the end, it raises a question about the past, present and future.

ICAD_Tomy Herseta_Liminal Pathway_Artwork Sketch 03.png
ICAD_Tomy Herseta_Liminal Pathway_Artwork Sketch 05.png
ICAD_Tomy Herseta_Liminal Pathway_Artwork Sketch 04.png
ICAD_Tomy Herseta_Liminal Pathway_Artwork Sketch 02.png


Exhibited at Indonesia Contemporary Art and Design 12 "Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow" at Grand Kemang Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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