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It's Strange VR

Virtual Reality Experience


Within the 43 days range, we challenged ourselves with absolute zero knowledge about VR before to produce a VR experience. We were exploring & tinkering with the Leap Motion Controller & Oculus Rift to create an immersion of AR/VR experience. The result of the jam was “It’s Strange”, an immersive VR game controlled with your hands via Leap Motion Controller.

The project was developed by a 5-people team at Labtek Indie for Leap Motion 3D Jam 2015. The team consists of designers and developers; Chairun Siregar, Elian Daiva, Izzan BS, Muhammad Hanif Wicaksono, and I. We developed the application using Unity Engine and Leap Motion controller. I was responsible mainly for every sound and music that is in the experience, as well as actively involved during the planning and development. It was my first experience working using design thinking method, also my first introduction with Unity and virtual reality.

It’s a weird, weird, weird, weird world, and we are down with that. “You are a wanderer in a foreign world where the only way to understand what’s happening is by not trying to understand it. Just enjoy the beautiful, out-of-this-world scenery where you can interact with alien florals and objects.

Your left hand is an ancient spirit trapped in a tree branch. And your right hand is a funky incarnation of an amoeba with swirly, mesmerizing bubbles.” Light up alien towers, grab underwater bubbles, and feed orbivorous plants for your enjoyment. Yes, orbivorous… Because they only eat orbs created by your hands."

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Submission for Leap Motion 3D jam 2015. Featured on Leap Motion's official blog.

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