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Here, There and Now

Multimedia Installation


In collaboration with Silvana Hurtado

Here, There and Now is a music performance in combination with an immersive installation. Inspired by the artists’ current situation, being separated in two different countries, the work questions what a performance can be without the presence of the performer on a stage. This forces us to reconsider what the core of a live performance is and how its experience can be simulated, widened and translated into a spatial installation.

Tomy Herseta and Silvana Hurtado Dianderas; two artits with different cultural backgrounds who find a common performative and audio-visual interest in the scenographic world, allowing them to explore and create artistic pieces in order to generate sensory experiences to the viewer. Their installations and performances have been presented at Nicolaikerk Utrecht, BYOB Ghent, and Sonaural Rotterdam.

Silvana Hurtado [LINK]


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Exhibited at Uncloud Festival 2021 "Transliminal" at Pieter Baan Centrum in Utrecht, Holland.


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