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Interactive Installation


Consuming/Consumed is an interactive installation using a pair of stereo monitor speakers, a microphone, and a CRT screen with some devices inside the box. The installation worked based on what audience speak through the microphone, then processed into Google search engine, and then visualized with some glitchy image results and the voice is also thrown back repetitively through the speaker with ping-pong delay effect.


The idea is all about the information we obtain from the internet. Utilizing the imperfection of Google speech recognition, so the image result will not be always precisely the same as the audience spoken, the installation tried to engaging audience that the information on the internet is not always right. But because the information is conveyed over and over again, it makes people slowly believe that the information is right. Eventually there will be 2 options, rather we consuming or be consumed by the information on the internet.

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Photo by IndoArtNow.





Exhibited at Bandung New Emergence: LISTEN!, Selasar Sunaryo Artspace, Bandung, Indonesia.

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