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Virtual reality experience


Berdikari Satellite is a virtual reality experience made for London Design Biennale 2016 "Utopian in Design". This installation is part of the Indonesia Pavilion, bringing the utopian ideas of Indonesian space age era, 10 years after Asian-African Conference. This project was executed by a small team consists of Bandu Darmawan as the director, Elian Daiva as the creative programmer, and me as the intermedia designer which responsible for the 3D models, materials, textures, and other audio visual implementation. This project was probably also one of the earliest virtual reality developments in Indonesia that uses Unreal Engine with Oculus Rift consumer version.

space VR detailed.jpg





"Freedom opens the gates. Communication brings it all home. The Berdikari satellite is about communication. In a postcolonial world during the height of the Cold War, the launch of Berdikari represents the aspirations of Asian and African nations to better facilitate communication between its member states. Yet it’s also a piece of groundbreaking technology that radiates symbolism. The light yet durable materials reflects the endurance and independent spirit of its members states. Its transparent body represents hope. The satellite’s light rotation pattern and solid foundation reflects the variety of ideologies of Asian and African nations, all stitched together through its 10 panel shape that symbolizes the Dasasila Bandung, the main source of utopian inspiration for Berdikari."













Exhibited as part of Indonesia Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2016 at Somerset House, London, United Kingdom.

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