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Multimedia Installation

2022 / 2023

The work consists of an array of lasers pointed down shining through a sheet of glass/acrylic which then the straight line from the laser will be manipulated in terms of form by the vibration of the conductor speaker created by the sound that is pre-composed and played back.

The work itself is a constant idea that I've always tried to convey to the audience; questioning the role of the internet in the distribution of information to “prosumer” nowadays, while challenging audience perception through spatial, audio and visual composition.

Through this piece, I’d like to place the audience within the space as they are surrounded by an abundance of information which sometimes is distorted and chaotic. The random pattern of flood lights, glitchy sound composition as well as distorted reflection of an array of lasers are generated simultaneously in order to build both scenographic and narrative space.


DSC09816 (1).jpg


Exhibited at Festival Komunitas Seni Media 2022 and PASCA MASA: Pameran Seni Rupa Indonesia Kini at Taman Budaya Bengkulu and Galeri Nasional Indonesia in Bengkulu and Jakarta, Indonesia.


FKSM 2022 Poster.jpeg
Pasca Masa Poster.jpg
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